SQIBB and studio photography

SQIBB is my new favorite kind of photography. It involves syncing a speed light with your camera and lowering your exposure so much that the only thing that shows up is what the speed light’s flash hits. Here are a few of my first ones! Your shutter speed should be around 1/200. If you prefer using autofocus, it can sometimes be tricky to get your camera to autofocus if the room is dark. I figured out I could quickly shine a flashlight on my model to let the camera focus, then I hold the button to stay focused while I turn off the flashlight. Then I take the picture! My wife was the one that modelled so this was a lot of fun to do.  It turned into a great date night! I learned this technique from Caryn Esplin! Feel free to check out her website where she showcases the technique further. http://www.carynesplin.com/student-highlights-w17-comm-316-sqibb/