Macro Photos of fruit, flowers, and fun knick-knacks

These photos are macro shots of various small objects. Technically these aren’t real macro shots because I didn’t use a macro lens. I used close-up filters screwed onto the end of a zoom lens. In fact, I recently learned you can combine close-up filters for differing levels of magnification! This was my first time photographing jewelry and I have to say, it’s a cool subject to photograph.

I’ve learned that water droplets are almost always a surefire way to make your macro shots more interesting. Light can catch on them in captivating ways and they can have cool reflections too! Roses are probably my favorite kind of flower to photograph. I also recently started using Luminar 4. It’s a competitor to Adobe Lightroom and has some impressive and intuitive features. It has several tools that are powered by artificial intelligence. Here’s a helpful link about doing your own macro photography!