Moving pictures… nothing new, but oddly uncommon.

We’ve all seen it before. The picture frame on Harry Potter’s desk. Or maybe that one house you’ve been to that has a digital picture frame with looping videos.

What about something more subtle?


Photo by Museums Victoria (Public Domain)

Not a fully-fledged video, but not a static, frozen image either.

It’s an image that does its business, then returns to where it started. It can be looped, or simply played once.

This is where I wanted to explore. That twilight between video and picture. What would pictures look like if they weren’t still images? Would they be appealing? Or would it be an express ticket to the “uncanny valley.”

Just subtle movement. Parallax effects. Small body movements.

Enter… the Flowtograph.

Photo by Pixabay (Public Domain)

Pretty hypnotic, isn’t it?

There’s something about having to create movement by hand that stands out to me. These are clearly not slow-motion video recordings, they’re images that have been given motion. It’s motion by hand. It’s kind of like when an artist will make a photorealistic sketch. It pretty much looks like a photo, but there’s something about knowing that someone used their hands to make it.

I loved making these! Video production is what entices me most. Why not combine two of my biggest interests? Why not combine photography and video?

These are just a few of many ideas I have for what I can make with subtle motion. Moving images like these are something else.  They’ve been around for decades, but they’ve been criminally underused (in my opinion.)

“Flowtographs” have so much potential! Imagine having pictures of your ancestors expressing not only emotion, but body language! Pictures like these would also make for captivating visuals and b-roll for documentaries and other kinds of films.

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Photo by Purple Smith (Public Domain)