My first cinemagraph: a shining sword

This was an absolute blast to make! I received this letter opener from my grandfather many years ago. It’s always sat on my desk. I decided in would make for an interesting cinemagraph animation. I wanted to do something clean and simple. I’ve always been interested in light and reflections so I decided to animate one!

All I needed was a camera, tripod, reflector, stool, the sword, a black hoodie, and an armchair cushion. (Yep.)

This is the cinemagraph tutorial I referenced.

The Cinemagraph Sword Setup

This was the setup! I took a picture of the sword. Then I took a video of the sword in the exact same position. I used the flashlight on my smartphone and waved it off angle so that it wouldn’t appear in the video or in the reflection on the sword. That was something I needed to be careful of. The reflection on the sword was more visible than you’d think. I had to clip a jacket the the tripod to hide the orange part of the tripod.

I simply masked and overlayed the video with the original image. After a few touch ups the final product was complete!